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A young boy narrates some scenes from his uncle’s rural wedding.

Year Completed: 1993

Duration: 10:00 min.

Genre: Comedy   Drama  

Producer: -

Director: Roxlee

Two domestic helpers consigned by fate to a very awkward situation. Both are trapped in a common pitfall, but each has her own way of crawling out of the damned thing.

Year Completed: 1992

Duration: 15:00 min.

Genre: Drama   -

Producer: -

Director: Robert Quebral

Themes of Birth, Love and Death Divided Into Three Equal Parts. Each Artist Is Given Free Reign to Explore the Theme Assigned to Him, and Each Connects a Vignette From His Theme in Answer to That of A...

Year Completed: 1991

Duration: 12:17 min.

Genre: -

Producer: -


A rambunctious comic book satire of a truth-seeking journalist up against a crooked politician and his private army. Like Pinocchio?s nose, the newsman?s pencil acts as a barometer of the lies being f...

Year Completed: 1989

Duration: 02:22 min.

Genre: Fantasy   Comedy  

Producer: -

Director: Joey Agbayani

A community of native women in the 17th century colonial Philippines struggles to attain religious freedom during the past three hundred years. The founder of this community is Ignacia del Espiritu Sa...

Year Completed: 1998

Duration: 01:40:00 hr.

Genre: Drama   -

Producer: -


In a small town, a painter's art comes to life as he paints idyllic dogs that loll inside the old church merged with an old woman's folk piety. His young daughter witnesses all this as she walks in fa...

Year Completed: 1994

Duration: 16:10 min.

Genre: Drama   -


Director: Sari Dalena

A man’s struggle to reach the heavens.

Year Completed: 1985

Duration: 08:20 min.

Genre: Drama   -


Director: Raymond Red

Year Completed: 2013

Duration: 20:00 Minutes


Producer: Mowelfund Film Institute

Director: Kian Cipriano

A fragmentary tale of an 8-years old boy who feels the loss of his father as Martial Law is declared. Through images of macabre and violence we see the world of a child caught in war.

Year Completed: 1995

Duration: 15:00 min.

Genre: Drama   -

Producer: -

Director: Neil Daza